Finding Beauty in the Beast

While creating my Signature System for my coaching practice, I noticed the below: How sneaky fear is, as it generates a sensation of something pulling me down, a freaking pull down the abyss! I've seen the abyss, a very scary place to be, don't want to be there again! Experiencing that pull is a very... Continue Reading →

To BE or not to BE ?

"It's in the hands of God, if its my time to die, I will die", says a man who took his mask off in a grocery shop. A family member told us this is what happened a little while ago, I'm not quite sure if they've heard this on the radio or from someone. My... Continue Reading →

Reframing in face of Adversity

I haven't been in this space for a while now. My mind was busy with certain challenges and then the COVID-19 came along. I am lucky enough to have booked a 4 week annual leave at the start of the year, starting today, 30.03.20! I took this past weekend to finally allow myself to feel... Continue Reading →

Detox my mind

This week I have been focusing on my mind. I decided at the start of the year on my Facebook page that this month will be about detox. As much as getting rid of toxins from our body is important, I think it is equally important if not more, to let go of the thoughts... Continue Reading →

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