From Overwhelmed Supermum to Purposeful Mum

8 steps to Ditch overwhelm and reconnect with yourself

Are you feeling Overwhelm, Stuck, Lost and Alone? Do you feel like you don’t know who you are anymore?

YOU are in the Right Place!

Have you reached this phase in your life where:

  • It seems impossible to juggle everything at the same time?
  • It feels like you are carrying an awful lot of weight on your shoulders that sometimes don’t even belong to you?
  • It feels like you can’t catch a breath without things needing your attention?
  • Your anxiety is through the roof?
  • You can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel?
  • You’ve tried a few things and don’t know what to do anymore?
  • You feel like the most important people in your life don’t understand you?
  • You have dreams for yourself but they seem like a mission impossible?


This was me. But I realised I needed to make a change and I made it to the other side, Healed, Whole and Purposeful.

Now I want to walk YOU through my exact process to succes!

IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT that you feel this way.

There is a lot of pressure on women not only to do it all but to do it all with perfection! It is in our face all the time, on TV, in our own culture, on social media…..Women are praised for doing it all. We now carry our “busyness” as a badge of honour. No wonder you have reached burnt out. You cannot be the Best Version of Yourself if :

  • Your priorities are everyone and everything else except YOU
  • You put YOUR OWN NEEDS LAST when it comes to your wellbeing
  • You think that your worthiness depends on how super you are on the outside

NOW it’s time to take some pressure off and reconnect with WHO YOU REALLY ARE! It’s time for you to see that your worthiness does not depend on your to-do-list. It’s time to let go of the Supermum badge and BE WHOLE AGAIN!

In my 8 week SLOW DOWN Program you will:

  • Rediscover yourself and fall in love with you and life again
  • Transform the quality of your life
  • Gain clarity to move in the direction that you need
  • Regain your self-confidence and self-belief
  • Reduce stress and inflammation
  • Supercharge your energy
  • Learn to let go of the pressure and feel more joy and positivity
  • Have more connected and enriched relationship with others and yourself
  • Feel less busy and more alive
  • Be more present and feel calmer
  • Be more attuned to your body and your own needs
  • Live a more purposeful, joyous and fulfilling life

How does it work?

Over eight weeks, I work with you in an 8 x personal 1-hour session via zoom or phone where we dive deep into reformatting your boundaries, time management, negative thinking loops and purpose.

I offer you unlimited email support over the program, plus resources and tools as needed.

You will finish your program feeling lighter, clearer and more purposeful, energised and ready to tackle life in a more balanced, calm and mindful way – with each day bringing a sense of joy, purpose and ease.

The good thing about rock bottom is the Only Way now is UP!

Are you ready to create REAL CHANGE in your life and BEAT OVERWHELM with the 8 steps below?

  1. Self-Awareness: From Autopilot to Conscious living
  2. Live in the moment: From Cluttered Mind to Clarity
  3. Open your mind: From Limited to Limitless
  4. Wind Down: From Trash to Treasure
  5. Down to Earth: From Reacting to Responding
  6. Open your heart to your purpose: From Busyness to Aliveness
  7. What moves you?: From Stuck to Flow
  8. Nourish and Nurture: From Depletion to Nutrition.

If you want to feel Calmer, Be more Present and Reconnect with yourself then, Click the get in touch button to book your FREE 15 mins chat with me!