“Life gets busy when you have a young family and I started to feel like i had no time to figure things out, such as; Life, financial difficulties and stress at home. I never made the time to take time out, speak to a friend, try and manage my time better at home, dealing with frustrations and everyday stress (big or small). Since starting my sessions with Corinne, I have been able to comfortably open up and speak to her about my challenges and everyday life. She has been so understanding, patient, caring, supportive and thorough throughout this whole experience. She has helped me overcome some issues and come up with a plan and together we have put some strategies in place to guide me and help me to better my life and get through my challenges. I am so pleased with Corinne’s  services, I would love to continue seeing her in the future. Thanks Corinne!!” Georgia

“I really appreciate that Corinne kindly offered to give me some coaching sessions to help me through my journey of self awareness and organisation problems. From day one she was very professional and was very attentive to details.  She also provided me with some resources to assist me with my anxiety and was able to help me find the triggers.  During the sessions I was comfortable to share anything.  Corinne always takes time to listen and with her guidance, I have started to embrace the present moment and being aware of my true self.  I am glad I had those sessions at a time where I really needed some clarity in the quest of finding myself and trying to organise my life.  I will highly recommend Corinne as a wellness coach because she is very passionate in whatever she does and is willing to help everyone in their journey. Thank you lovely for your love and support. Love,” Cynthia

“Corinne Fabre has helped me work through a number of issues regarding my general health and ongoing well being. Her coaching sessions has enabled me to rationalise and improve my thought processes and beliefs as well as providing me with tools to deal with life’s future challenges.She is very easy to talk to and displays a great deal of patience and empathy.She has also demonstrated a very good knowledge of nutrition and the importance of a healthy diet and provided me a number of great recipes.I would definitely recommend her services to anyone going through hard times as well as wanting to improve their health and mindfulness.Thank you Corinne Fabre it has been a pleasure to have had you as my wellness coach.” Christine 

“Corinne was great at supporting me talk through my mind and gain clarity of what was clouding my thoughts from the first session. She empathised, rationalised but most importantly strategised with me to help me overcome some things that I have been trying to avoid acknowledging. I really loved the way that she had different approaches and recommendations to support my different hurdles but always brought it towards one central core; love and accepting my whole self. Through the weeks that I have been coached my Corinne, I found myself giving time to things that I never really took notice in life or had an excuse for. She was very flexible and understanding throughout the sessions and would work around the times that suited me best. Thank you for helping me find my core again and help me realise that I don’t always need to put everything else in life before myself. Thank you for everything ❤️” Liz Ong

“I was experiencing some personal challenges lately and Corinne offered to help me once again to get through them.  During our sessions she was very supportive and very professional in her approach.  She was very patient, understanding and provided me useful information, advice and practical tools that helped me to reach my goals.  Corinne is very prompt and demonstrated excellent knowledge of mindfulness and how this practice can assist me to reduce stress and anxiety.   During the sessions, I felt free and comfortable as Corinne always takes time to listen and analyse the situation without being judgemental.  This approach has guided me to see the situation as it is and to deal with what is in front of me instead of dwelling on things unnecessarily.  Corinne always makes it a must to follow-up on each session and making sure I was moving forward towards my goals every week.  With Corinne’s guidance I am now on a great journey of self discovery and more conscious of the present moment.  I have enjoyed every session and have gained new insights on life.  Having Corinne as a wellness coach has been life changing for me and I am excited to embrace this new journey.   I would highly recommend Corinne to anyone as she an amazing wellness coach and a beautiful person inside and out” Cynthia

“Corinne Fabre has given me the tools to deal with a number of personal issues to improve my wellbeing and ability to cope with life’s daily challenges facing me and my family, particularly during the confronting Covid-19 pandemic in 2020. Corinne’s friendly and easy going communication style has enabled me to look at life through a different lens and to focus on the things most important to me. Due to your wellness coaching, I always believe that what is coming to me in my future is so much better than what is gone and that is because of you. My mindset now is to always have happiness & positivity in my heart and to always see the bright side in difficult moments & I truly believe that anything I dream or aim for is possible. I appreciate Corinne’s willingness to listen to my concerns and would definitely recommend her as a wellness coach to others wanting to improve their life skills and peace of mind” Jacqueline

It was a cathartic exercise working through challenges, hard habits, years of issues and skewed views of myself with Corinne and she walked me through it with kindness, compassion and grace; guiding me to my own solutions, truths and ultimately practicing acceptance of where and who I am right now. Her program made me come to terms with my emotions and frustrations and hold me acocuntable to the steps I could take to ground myself again. Lastly, the thing I carry most and appreciate Corinne for bringing to light is that we go from one awakening to the next. It seems so simple, but is something we tend to forget and while it is a long road still, talking through all this helped me take those little steps towards just being, sitting in the stillness of the present and proceeding with “the next right thing in love” as Emily P Freeman says. Issey