About me

Hi I’m Corinne, a Certified Holistic wellness Coach, a Teacher, a wife and a mum of one, who loves the simple things in life. After I became disconnected with myself, I decided to S.LO.W D.O.W.N to reconnect with my inner wisdom. I am on an ongoing journey of discovery to be the best version of myself for a peaceful, successful, happier and healthier life! I LOVE learning and absolutely enjoy sharing with others what I learn. As a teacher, I always see myself as a co-learner, co-researcher alongside my students and the people I work with. I hope this blog will allow me to continue to learn and grow alongside a new ‘aspired wellness’ community.

I am passionate about discovering how to inspire you to be the best version of yourself. I am certain that we are all born with our full potential but somehow along the way, we allow certain distractions, experiences and people, to disconnect us from that part of us that is Beautiful, Wise, Strong and Capable. Somehow we stop believing in ourselves and we stop seeing the best in ourselves. Somehow we focus on all the things we are not and all the things we don’t have. I hope this blog will give you the confidence to unleash your full potential and live the life of your dream, the life that you deserve. My ‘Wellness Aspirations’ is my framework to build and live my new life to its full potential. I hope you join me on this new adventure. Let’s support each other to bring out the best in ourselves!


Corinne xoxo

Certified Holistic Wellness Coach (International Association of Wellness Professionals)

Bachelor of Early Childhood Education (RMIT University, Australia)