Reframing in face of Adversity

I haven't been in this space for a while now. My mind was busy with certain challenges and then the COVID-19 came along. I am lucky enough to have booked a 4 week annual leave at the start of the year, starting today, 30.03.20! I took this past weekend to finally allow myself to feel... Continue Reading →

Detox my mind

This week I have been focusing on my mind. I decided at the start of the year on my Facebook page that this month will be about detox. As much as getting rid of toxins from our body is important, I think it is equally important if not more, to let go of the thoughts... Continue Reading →

The Act of Giving

It is this time of the year where giving is at the heart of every gathering and every places we go. On one side there is the commercialism of Christmas, the push to buy, promoting the idea of tons of presents under the Christmas tree. On the other side there is the true meaning of... Continue Reading →

Growing with my child

Our first one on one "Board Meeting" My daughter's Year 6 Valedictory is coming up and she was thinking of what she is going to wear. She told me about her friends choosing clothes and while we were not concerned about this at all, we suddenly starting thinking about it more and more. At some... Continue Reading →

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