2021 ‘Hear’ We Come! Setting the scene for our Best Year/Life

We made it!!! Finally the end of 2020 is very close. Here in Australia we are only hours away! Ready to say goodbye to 2020 and jump in 2021! Everyone has been affected by this very unusual year and I sense that everyone is ready for a new year. I mentioned this before, I LOVE a new beginning! It brings hope, fresh ideas, creativity, innovation, new potential and possibilities to create a future that we desire. And this deep transformation that is occurring right now as lots of things are changing and shifting with lots of uncertainties is surely indicating a NEW Beginning. There are certainly mixed emotions as we grieve what we’ve loss and appreciate what we’ve gained but perhaps also anticipating what is possible next!


Reflecting on the past year, the most painful thing for me was the loss of my pet (The suffering is way less as I resist less and less the Reality. The pain will take its time and that’s OK). Everything else felt like challenges that I rose to, whether or not the outcome was what I initially wanted or things went my way (this include my Work Situation, my Relationship, my Finances, my Health….)


The highlights of my year is the completion of my Certification as a Holistic Wellness Coach, my daughter becoming a teenager, the deepening of an intimate relationship with myself and becoming the co-owner of a block of land with my husband which will lead to a change of lifestyle in 2021! As I write in more details in my journal, I have more to be grateful for than not. Perhaps because I see/name my challenges as a challenge to rise to VS problems/issues that I feel the victim of. I feel that saying “I have a challenge” has a more positive tone to it and allows me to say, “What can I do to rise to this?” Whereas saying I have problems has a more negative tone to it and raises more the question of “oh noooo, what is going to happen?…” Leaving it to someone or something else to do something about it… Now sometimes or often, I may start with that first feeling of Oh Nooooo, but in the end it all depends on how long I take to change my attitude! The less time it takes, the faster I move forward and create my new reality.


Now back to this new feeling of hope and possibilities! So how Am I going in the NEW YEAR? What VISION do I have for myself in 2021? What do I want to Create in 2021? I close my eyes and connect with the Source, as I do so, I allow the feelings to flow through me, I step into my heart and the feelings brings out this word: Authenticity! Towards the end of this year, this word kept coming to me as I become more aware of myself, as I attuned to where I am at in my life, it seems that this is where I need to go next. This is the Inspiring word I want to bring with me in 2021, this is the word that will keep me Inspired (In Spirit) for the next 365 days to achieve my Goals.


Authenticity encapsulate my 2021 VISION/Intention. Next year I want to tell my truth, I want to be me, the real me, I want to be free, I want to be grounded, I want to be at peace, I want to stop striving and start thriving, I want be energised, fit and healthy, I want to have financial freedom, I want to be SLOW, I want to lift others, I want to be giving, more loving…. So how will it look like for me?:


As I did last year, I create a vision statement for each area of my life and then I write down a clear goal for each area and the steps I have to take to get there (I tend to write a list of goals for each area but pick one at a time). For example for Health and Fitness, here is my Vision Statement: “I am energised and at optimal health. Every systems in my body are working in harmony with each other and efficiently. My body is absorbing all the nutrients it needs from the nourishing food I eat and it feels amazing to be in my body!” This is something I will read daily, just spend 5 minutes not more every morning and evening, it keeps the momentum going! I can choose 2 areas of my life a day so by the end of the week, I would have read all of them.


My clear Goal/s is, “I Choose the end result of balanced hormones, a healed digestive system and being symptom free by the 30th June 2021” This is so I can measure my progress and have something clear to focus on. So I don’t have to Strive but so I can Thrive! How? Well by having a simple plan, I just have to follow it, I don’t have to overthink things, get caught in my head, its right in front of me and I Just.Have.To.Do.It. So here are the first 3 steps I’m taking:


  1.  Book an appointment with my Doctor by January 31st
  2.  Finish reading the book Flo Living by next week 10th Jan
  3.  Re-start meal planning and batch cooking by 3rd of Jan ready for January


Once I complete these steps, I review and create new steps until I have balance and flow and I am symptom free. The next steps could include Yoga, taking supplements, drinking more water etc… It just have to be realistic and achievable but not more than 3 steps at a time to focus on. Once things become a habit, you’ll be doing them without much effort, then its easy to add the next 3 steps and so on.. Note these steps came from looking back and tuning in to my body and take stock of what worked and what didn’t. For example, I stop meal planning since my mum came and corona virus hit in March this year, this made me eat without Intention, I was eating whatever was here, I was still avoiding what I can’t eat but I was just eating for the sake of eating, not much Intention behind it. So Meal planning, allows me to put thoughts into my cooking and love and be less stress to have to think at the last minute, thus eat for Energy rather than Nourishment etc… I do the same for all areas of my Life.


What do I need, to Be the next Best Version of Myself and Create my next Best Life?

  1.  Self-Love
  2.  Self-Discipline
  3.  Support Team (Anyone who has my highest good in mind, people with whom I can be myself anytime, people with whom I feel at home, I feel energised…)


The most important ingredient here is SELF-LOVE! Why? It is the Connection with the Source, it is the connecting piece, the ingredient that brings and binds everything together. Without self-love, self-discipline feels like a chore, it feels forced on… And without Self-Love, we can’t be open to receive love from our Support Team, no matter how great they are. When you mix all of them together, you have the best core mixture to bake the most beautiful, delicious life you can create! Just add your own flavours!


My Mantras for 2021 are:

  1.  Life Expects ME to Be ME, I can only Be ME!
  2.  Being me allows me to be One with my Source

I will keep my 10 guiding rules from this year which kept me accountable on my journey, I believe I did OK for the most part, the one that was used the least was: My rule no. 2: I will take 3 deep breaths before acting in the moment on anything that creates negative emotions. The one that was used the most was my rule no. 1. I will rise to my challenges and show up to my life as it is. I will review it next year.


That’s it for me! I want to take this opportunity to Thank YOU for Inspiring me to be a Better Version of Myself Each Day! I am looking forward to not just another new year but THE NEW YEAR! A Year with more commitments to Love, Compassion, Kindness, Understanding, Clarity, Collaboration, Growth and Oneness!


2021 ‘hear’ we come! Can you hear us? We are ready! We are coming in and we are excited to create real change!


Are you ready? We got this, I got you, Let’s do it! I hope that this has been of value to you. If you want to work with me please contact me via the contact page. Wishing you a Blissful 2021! May it brings you what you need to have your best year!


With much love and TO THE BEST IN YOU

Corinne xoxo

Photo by Nina Uhlu00edkovu00e1 on Pexels.com

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