Finding Beauty in the Beast

While creating my Signature System for my coaching practice, I noticed the below:

How sneaky fear is, as it generates a sensation of something pulling me down, a freaking pull down the abyss! I’ve seen the abyss, a very scary place to be, don’t want to be there again! Experiencing that pull is a very uncomfortable feeling… I guess some people could call it a depression/anxiety/a combo??…. to me it feels like a strong pull… While its happening, everything seems to be hard and almost impossible to do, I also loose my focus and my goals/dreams seems further away, like someone has moved them further from me and now I have to work even harder to get there… A story is created in my head, in which I am probably a victim of this mental illness…. But then I wake up! Reflecting back on my experience, it reminded me of the below:

1. It’s not about making the challenges disappear, it is about learning how to live through them and still be the creator of our life, still be evolving, still be moving forward on our path and make the most of the process!

2. It is not just surrendering to the challenges! It is accepting it, embracing it and even use it, because what’s in the way becomes the way! It may be that I have to be in bed for a day or do whatever I have to do in the moment but I never loose sight of my goals/dreams. I never loose connection with my true being, not for long anyway! This emotion, whether it feels like a depression/anxiety or something else, is a beast that tends to come out when I least expect it but I have learned to tame the beast!

Creating a life that we desire doesn’t mean that we don’t fall off track or we get rid of our imperfections, instead it means falling off a lot of times but still get back on track, because if we are not falling off that means we are not really trying, we are simply in our comfort zone… It also means loving our imperfections, to the point that we are thankful for them because they are the ones that often lead us to the moment where our heart is filled with love, gratitude, compassion, kindness, oneness… to that place where we are just one with God/Life.

This has to be the shortest blog post I’ve written so far! It is in fact a FB post that I just posted on my page but I felt this push to post it here as well.

What happens when you fall off track? Can you see the beauty in the beast?

With much love and TO THE BEST IN YOU

Corinne xoxo

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