S.L.O.W. D.O.W.N (My New Life Approach)

December last year I became serious about creating change in my life in order to HEAL. I wanted to feel calm, at peace, confident and successful. I created a S.L.O.W D.O.W.N approach to my lifestyle. I decided to

Spend quality time with myself

Live in the moment

Open my mind and heart 

Wind down at night

Do things more peacefully

Open doors to find my purpose

Walk and move daily

Nourish and Nurture myself

It wasn’t just going to be a New year’s Resolution. It was going to be my New Life Resolutionmy new way of Living and of Being. So I didn’t want to have just one or two specific things to stick to, I wanted to see myself in a new space, I wanted to be a better version of me. So I didn’t want to be S.M.A.R.T (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound), but instead I wanted to have a“HUGG” (Huge Unbelievably Great Goal coined by Andy Cope in his book, The little book of Emotional Intelligence). After all, “It’s the things that can’t be counted that actually count the most” said Andy Cope. How can we measure happiness, creativity, confidence, love, wellness? He describe that “‘HUGGs’ are exciting, stimulating, and ever so slightly uncomfortable” He added that “They are on the edge of achievability but most importantly, they are worth getting out of bed for”. OK, it did make me feel very uncomfortable rather than slightly, especially to open my heart and my mind. But I was ready to move to the next level! I visualised myself as the person I wanted to become and as I feel the way I wanted to feel in my new self, the motivation took over. The discomfort eventually disappear and I became braver. Also most of it is easier than what you’re mind tells you it is.

After this huge revelation, I thought through my current life and noted things that I needed to do in order to achieve my “HUGG”. Things I needed to let go, things I needed to add. I broke things down to create new habits. I adopted a holistic approach to my healing journey! Self-Care is becoming part of my everyday life as well as new habits to achieve Wellness!

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