The Power of Intention-how to manifest a life that serves me?

Since my last post, I started the course I received an invitation for and I listened to a few talks/podcasts, read books that seemed to have been placed on my path on purpose. The things that I was curious about, things that I already knew became more visible to me. I realised the importance of my intention in creating my own journey. I recognised that the power of manifestation is where my true focus lies.

The above picture is a symbolism of where I am at. I feel like a caterpillar who had set an intention out to the Universe/God/Life (to be the best version of myself) and therefore was ready for the transformation. As I chose my end result, I set off to stay in a cocoon for sometime, going through the process of transformation (letting go of the old to building the new). Vishen Lakhiani call this the “beautiful destruction” from his book “The Budda and the Badass” . Vishen explains this as the temporary pain that is brought to us by our soul/highest self/God/Universe to grow. He added a concept that he learned from Michael Beckwith which is Kensho VS Satori. They are both here to help us grow, one is growth by pain the other by insight. I feel that I have grown both by pain (Kensho) and insight (Satori) this couple of years. I am still growing and I now view my life journey as one of an ongoing transformation rather than challenges to overcome. So, what did I learn about the process of manifesting a life that serves me:

  • Firstly I have to change the lens through which I look at my reality, I made a choice to look through the lens of consciousness. This is more of how I view my reality. Do I see myself as a victim or a creator? A victim in the sense of someone who thinks life is happening to me rather than with me. It also means how I look at the situation (My attitude towards life), is it from a growth mindset or a fixed mindset. Wayne Dyer said, “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”.
  • I then have to look at where I am at and where I want to be
  • I have to accept where I am at and know the power there is in my wounds to step into the next best version of myself. I also have to see the power in my beliefs and how they create my reality. Therefore knowing and understanding my beliefs is paramount to manifesting the life I want.
  • I learned that the clearer I can get on where I want to be, the more synchronicity appears, which means the more I see the universe/god working with me to create my life vision (e.g the right book, the words, the right person, the right conversation, the right invitation… will appear). I also noticed the power in questions. There seems to be something powerful in the way I choose to formulate my questions to God/the Universe/Life… This also involves my ability to “see” and “listen” to the answers.
  • I have also learned the art of allowing by keeping an open heart. I do still have resistance but when it happens I choose to show up anyway (I noticed that most of the time, the resistance I have, are for the things that need to say yes to). I later on or before hand, unpack the resistance to understand what it is that is holding me back. I have just learned a process from William Whitecloud that is called “the conflict deconstruction process” Its a powerful process that helped me see how the end result = the original conflict and how I create the situation I am in. This is regardless if the other/s involve are good or bad, it doesn’t matter whether they are intentionally being nasty, this is never the focus. His process help me see where my power is and how I can claim it.
  • I also realised the power of starting with the end result. I recognised that my need to know how to get there, comes from old beliefs and fear. I noticed that when I am in my greatness/genius/creative self, I am in flow, I am at peace and I am abundant. Therefore surrendering to the unknown but believing in my ability as a creator and allowing the expression of my genius all the time is an important part of the process of manifesting my life vision. I have also learn to detach from the outcome. This allows me to see what arise as what it is rather than my mind defining it with endless stories. For example, my husband and I are doing a home loan application and we had a few back and forth as changes have arose due to what is happening in the world right now. If I was to see every issue as a punishment from the universe or a threat to the application meaning we wont get it, or a complain about why it is happening etc…. I would be very miserable and not manifesting any result because my focus would have been on the definition I had about the issue. However seeing the issue for what it is, that is just other steps that needed to be followed, I kept my focus on the end result, asking the right question to manifest the solution that I needed. And believe it or not, the answer came, money that I didn’t have showed up, solutions arose.
  • I also realised that my understanding of abundance is important in creating abundance. Abundance is not just more things but it is a feeling of the fullness of life from within. I heard Eckhart Tolle talking about this and it hit home immediately, I have felt this every time I am out contemplating nature and every time I am in stillness. Eckhart Tolle explains that you can only manifest abundance from this place of fullness. Therefore no one can manifest an abundant life when one is coming from lack. My understanding is that if one is trying get more of something but is not manifesting anything, therefore this person’s focus is still on what he/she doesn’t have. To find out where your focus is, you can start by noticing what you are saying and thinking all the time. Example, do you find yourself saying, I don’t have, I can’t do, I am not capable, everyone has, or may be you judge those who have….. If you catch yourself saying a lot of this, then its very likely your focus is on lack. The first thing to do is to unpack things and get to know yourself, once you understand why, you can shift your focus. It may not be as simple but it is a start to become aware of your thoughts.
  • The last thing I will add is Gratitude. Eckhart Tolle said that Gratitude is a tool for manifesting the good in your life. But he added that first you acknowledge the good in your life Now. He added something that stayed with me. He said that being grateful is not about comparing yourself to others’ life, for example saying “some people don’t have food, I am lucky to have some, I should be grateful…” He explained that this type of thinking of gratitude means that our feeling of wellbeing is dependent on someone else’s life’s suffering. It is clear that this feeds the ego. This has come as a realisation to me as I remember saying this to my child and others and to think this myself. Therefore the focus should be on the good in our life Now, no matter what is happening, we can always find something good in our life, no matter how small. So if we can focus our attention on this light, even if it is a dim light, it will expand. What we focus on expands whether or not we choose to. So might as well claim our power and make the conscious choice to focus on what we want. It can be a simple as noticing deep appreciation for things in the moment (may be its your warm cuppa in the morning, may be its the sun shining through the window, may be its watching your child playing, may be its the organic chicken you just bought at half price…..)

I have learned and grow so much in the past few months and yet I know it is another beginning (“the butterfly’s life”). I know at my core that I am on my path and that I am guided by God/the Universe/Life to where I need to go. I like to add that big doses of Inspirations help me take Action on a daily basis as well as staying connected to my Intention. Whenever I am challenged/triggered, I allow my emotions to transcend through movement, crying, writing, meditating, talking, …. I remember why I am on my path and what my Intention is in all of what matters to me. The more I practice this, the less reactive I get. Best of all, I remember that the choice is always mine to stay connected to my inner wisdom/God/source/Universe, that this “Presence” is always available to me and it is up to me to connect or not.

How do you manifest the life that you deserve? Is your focus on resolving what’s wrong or on what you truly want?

With much love and TO THE BEST IN YOU

Corinne xoxo

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